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Friday, October 1, 2010

Just for Today

The Simple Woman's Daybook
Outside my window... The tropical storm has passed and it finally feels like fall!
I am thinking...  ~about looking for work and chocolate and how these things might fit together...
I am thankful for...  ~coffee with friends who lifted my flagging spirits yesterday and today.
Pondering these words...   I find that doing of the will of God leaves me no time for disputing about His plans. -George MacDonald 
From the kitchen...  ~Jambalaya, Roasted Eggplant Lasagna, cream cheese pound cake, correctly tempered chocolate. All triumphs!
I am wearing...  ~my nightgown. It's late folks.
I am remembering...  ~my mom, Mary Lou Beckett, my she rest in peace. This Monday would be her 85th birthday.
I am get my rear end out of this chair and clean the kitchen...soon.
I am reading... ~Women's World Magazine. No, seriously, its been that kind of week.
I am hearing...~the John Batchelor Show on WABC radio. Link to it here, you wont be sorry.  It is the single best radio show on the air.  Bachelor is conservative, intelligent, informative, and has a great radio voice; he's not a shill for the Republican Party, not paranoid, not obnoxious.  It runs 7 days a week 9pm-1am (like I said, its late).
I am hoping...  ~to get to confession this weekend.
On my mind...  ~how to help our B. overcome her struggles and feel more peaceful with herself and be more successful in school. 
A few plans for the rest of the week...~apple picking, dentist appointments, chocolate school, camping over Columbus Day weekend, we hope.
Around the house...  ~ 5. 5 on the Loia "Dead Animals and Human Waste" scale.
One of my favorite things  ~ Our newly renovated bathroom. First, because it was my husband's handiwork and second, because for the first time in two years we have a bathtub!


  1. Woohoo - a bathtub, one of my favorite pieces in the house. Kudos to you for going without one for 2 years, I know I would have never survived that long without one ;) ~Alana~

  2. Hi Betty, I had a rough start of school year with a 7 year old who "hated school" and hated his mom for daring to make him go, and he would sometimes run far away from the car or the house and one time on the school grounds - far from the teachers - to hide and protest. It is a high stresser to have these kinds of challenges!! I hope your B is getting along a bit better lately. Our 7 year old can't wait to go to school now!! Large credit to an excellent teacher and principle who stood firm and loved him into the classroom. Keep in touch, God Bless, Laura