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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Adventures in Candy

A couple of days ago I made English Toffee. I would show a picture, but I have misplaced my camera! My home is a black hole these days.

It looked beautiful but was a total bust.  It's soft!  I knew as I poured it out that it was not right.  The bummer is that that recipe had  ONE POUND of butter and ONE POUND of chocolate as well as the nuts! Additionally I burned 8 oz of almonds in the oven while I ran to the grocery store for the tortillas that I had forgotten earlier in the day.  AAARRGH. I wish I could have flubbed something cheaper.  I think I know what I messed up, though.  

1.  I changed the recipe: very bad idea when candy making.
2. It was a very humid day and entirely too warm in my kitchen: also bad for candy making.

Back to the drawing board.   I also made peanut butter meltaways following this recipe:

1 cup of peanut butter
8 oz. of white chips
8 oz of semi-sweet chips

Melt all ingredients together in double boiler and then pipe into little candy cups. the microwave also works, if you have one that actually does work, which I don't!

They came out yummy but a little too soft.  Next time I will use less peanut butter. In the meantime, my son has some very happy friends at school.  He brings them samples most every day.


  1. Soft or not it sounds absolutely yummy. ~Alana~

  2. Oh thank you! I think I am going to turn it into cookies.