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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

How Sweet It Is!

Monday  I made my very first batch of caramel, which I yesterday I began to en-robe in chocolate. I am still having some trouble tempering my chocolate, but the caramel received thumbs up from DH, DD, and the DS's.  Here is a picture:

The little pumpkins are solid chocolate with orange confectioner's coating for color.  I have been taking an online course in Chocolate making from Ecole Chocolate.  This was a truly bizarre career move for me, for those of you who know what I did up until about 6 weeks ago.  Still, this was a more or less rational move towards a little dream that Rob and I have had for years, which is owning our own business.

So now I have about 10 days to develop 5 recipes for my next assignment.  A bit daunting, as I have never learned to make candy.

I will continue to post my results over the next several days.  For any local friends who may be reading this, ask me about FREE SAMPLES!! I need taste-testers, after all.  Coming up next will be nougat, various truffle centers and nut brittle.

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  1. Me! Me! I want to be a taste tester!! I love caramel!! :) xoxo