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Monday, August 5, 2013

An August Daybook...


Outside my window... welcome rain.

I am thankful...  for our comfortable and homey summer cottage here in the heart of the Arkansas Wine Country, and for our friends's hospitality.

In the kitchen... banana bread, peach pie, brownies; its baking weekend! 

I am creating... scrap books of some of the kids' artwork and school papers.  

I am wondering... what we are going to do with our "summer dog".  "Sir Henry", a local stray attached himself to us almost as soon as we arrived.  He's really an awesome little dog and we are trying everyone we know to find him a new home. I don't want to break his little doggie heart by dropping him off at the shelter.

I am reading... A Conspiracy of Friends ,third book in the Corduroy Mansions series by Alexander McCall Smith and The Divine Pity by Fr. Gerald Vann, OP.  Also reading The Ranger's Apprentice and True Grit (for the fourth time) aloud to my younger sons.  Although I am a little embarrassed to admit it I am also reading City of Bones along with Vince and his girlfriend, Annie in anticipation of the movie.  I have no particular interest in the movie, but it does give me something to share with the kids.  

I am exercise pants with a blue sleeveless polo and house slippers.

I am hoping... to find a job this week.  I have a strong possibility with a school where I substituted before we moved, but I am still waiting, and hoping, and praying...

I am looking forward to... seeing my husband again in about three weeks. This summer is by far the longest we will have been apart. I now stand in rapt admiration of Navy wives.

Around the house... sorting and re-packing the boys' things for college and pulling together what they still need.  

I am pondering...what its going to be like to have our twins so far away in college this fall. Sigh...

A favorite quote for today..."Live each day as it comes, like a bird in the trees, without worrying about tomorrow." -St. Louis De Montfort

One of my favorite things...the $3.00 theater in Forth Smith:

A few plans for the rest of the week: sleepover parties, movie nights, watching the kids swim in our friends' pool.  Dang... sounds like we are on vacation!

A peek into my day:

Peter and Sir Henry
Thanks as always to The Simple Woman's Daybook for all the fun. Check out other Daybook entries there!

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