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Thursday, January 6, 2011

25 Poems of Christmas: January 6

Blessed Epiphany ! Thus we come to end of another Christmastide.  I am constantly amazed by the beauty and and perfection of the Liturgical year.  Praying the liturgy of the Hours especially transitions us so nicely in and out of  the seasons of the year. We celebrated Three Kings Day with the kids the way we usually do.  We act out the Nativity story from the Gospel of Matthew, we bless the house (this year with the blessed chalk they were giving out at Assumption Church) and we decorate our "Crown" cakes.  I make either one big bundt cake or several small ones, frost them and let the kids put candy "jewels" on the crowns.  We finished up a little late and the sugar stupor was too much for Peter.  He got up from the table with "I'm stuffed! I gotta rest!" and promptly lay down on the floor and went to sleep.

My Christmas poetry journal was fun for me even if no one else was paying attention!  I didn't quite make 25, though, only 20.  Perhaps I will see what I can do for Easter! Here is a good closer:

O Like a Tiny Cradle
by Angelus Silesius

O, like a tiny cradle,
Could thy heart become,
God would on earth again
Be born an infant son.

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