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Sunday, March 6, 2011

So...What's been going on lately?

This was the question posed by an old friend and neighbor who I haven't talked with lately, but who ran into me  last week at the Pinewood Derby.  So, I casually, but inaccurately replied, "Oh, you know, a little of this, a little of that." I just couldn't bring myself to shout over the din of 50 Cub Scout families, "We're moving to Arkansas and I have 4 months to sell two houses.  What's up with you?" I thought it might be a bit much for her to process.

It has been a bit much for me to process,.  Now that we are closing in on the deadline for listing our home, the reality of having to pack and transport 8 persons' belongings is becoming a bit too much.  I have been slowly discarding books, unwanted toys and some leftover baby things, but I realized today that  I will need to empty and store entire rooms full of stuff just to get the house listed.  

Rob and I stopped by a neighbor's open house this afternoon just to get a look at something comparable in size and yard. They had the house professionally staged through their realty company and it looked great, in that "pretending-that-no-one-lives-here" way that real estate agents encourage.  We could see that we would need to pack up a number of the boys' toys and give everything a coat of paint, but we already figured on those things.  What really struck me, though, was the kitchen.  It wasn't new, but it was immaculate.  There was nothing on the counter but a bottle of dish soap and a decorative pitcher. Nothing else.  On my counter is the toaster, the blender, the standing mixer, the coffee grinder, the kitchen scale,  the bread machine, the dish drainer (full, of course), the napkin holder, the mug rack, the espresso pot, the St. Martha candle, the St. Joseph candle, the box of clementines, the basket with the bad bananas, the chipped cookie jar, the paper towel holder, the butter bell, three or four bottles of wine and the broken mug holding plastic teaspoons. Those are just the things that are supposed to be on the counter, to say nothing of the stacks of papers, the legos,  the watches, wallets and i-Pods that are left there each day. 

I am supposed to stow all this somewhere? This is the main room that we live in, and these are things that we use every day, so I am not sure how to do this yet.  We need to eat and clean and do homework still. Or, can I put the kids in storage, too? Hmmmmm...


  1. Betty!!! I am so sad that you are going but very excited because I LOVE to move!!! Wish AR were closer. As for the house..boxes and the garage!! Actually, plastic containers neatly stacked in the garage will do the trick. I wish I could help you, I have moved 19 times in 27 years..!! If summer comes and you're in need, we will be there. God Bless you!!!

  2. So Funny! And Painful! Ouch!

    And adding the "sell house thing" on top of it, it's just mind numbing.

    I'm so sorry for your stress!
    BUT, you have more than one college degree, Betty, and able, older children, and just a general "just do it" attitude. I know you will also survive this trauma.

    But I am glad that I live far enough away to be excused from helping you.

    ((I hate moving, I hate moving, I hate moving!))

    I used to say after the last time before the last time that we moved: I'd rather give birth breech to twins than ever move again.
    Now, didn't you have twins? Did you give birth breech? See! YOU HAVE DONE AMAZING THINGS!

    Good luck, God bless.
    I will have several Masses said for you.

    love in JMJ,
    Laura (who hopes dear God she is never going to move again, but knows that it is up to God, whom I serve, so I will have to remain open)

  3. hey! Thanks for stopping by my place1 As it happens, my hubby is in Arkansas today on business. i was recalling the that we used to move every two to three years, and how that FORCED us to constantly de-clutter. I think I need to move, cuz we have been here 13 years now, with various stages of eight to eleven people (older kids are in and out :). Somethins gotta give!

    I would suggest that you have only open houses at first - that way you don't have to be ready to show the house on a moments notice-and you can stow everything in the kitchen all at once.
    Try it by owner for a few weeks so you are in complete control. Pray for intercession while preparing for the Open House-then let the Holy Spirit go to work!

    I will pray for you also!