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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

25 Poems of Christmas: December 20

Oh my gracious have I got a lot of poems to post between now and the last day of Christmas! Here is something fun for one of the last shopping days:  

Dear Santa
by Jack Prelutsky

Dear Santa Claus,

Its me again 
reminding you I'm here
I'm making my list easier
and shorter than last year.

I'd like a stack of comic books
A dozen apple pies
A box of chocolate brownies, 
An elephant that flies.

A porpoise for the bathtub,
A dragon for my room.
A robot that does homework 
and can also use a broom.

I'd like a hippopotamus,
A trumpet, and a drum. 
I could use a half a dollar, 
And a million sticks of gum.

Just leave them underneath our tree 
or near our fireplace.
O, you probably won't bring them,
But I'm writing...just in case!

copy-write 1981 Jack Prelutsky
from It's Christmas
illustrated by Marilyn Hafner
Harper Collins, 1981

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