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Sunday, November 7, 2010

I am joining this with Gae from Cherished Hearts at Home because I was inspired by my blog-friend Allana at All is Amazing.  I am now home full-time and I am experiencing the Parkinson's Law effect of housework.  Not that I was efficiently plowing through all of my tasks when I was still employed, there were just things that I never did (cleaning out closets, volunteering at my sons' schools) or that I paid someone else to do for me (iron dh's shirts). Now I am determined to draw my focus back to home so that I can make our family life more peaceful.  These are my areas to concentrate on this week:

1. Meal planning: my Waterloo of domestic life.  I have avoided conquering this challenge once and for all for years.  I want to work on this both in anticipation of the holidays and in order to save more on groceries.

2. Thank-you notes for all of the folks who reached out to us at Mom's passing.  I really should have done these already.

3. Kitchen drawers and closet need attention.

4. It's time to put together a Christmas list.  This year it will be especially necessary. 

5. Scheduling my regular chores so I can make more time for fun with Rob and the kids! 

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